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About Us


Welcome to MyWebby!!

We are a team of individuals based in Poland with years of experience in Web Design, UI/UX, Web Development, Graphic Design and Photography and we have converged into one of the most creatively dominant advertising agencies – MyWebby! We have 21 members in the family, and we love music, dance, yoga and wine!

Some of us have been friends, colleagues and have known each other over the last 10 years. We have been working individually as freelancers, but over the past few years we have come to know more about each other, share ideas with each other, understand each other and henceforth decided to merge our skills together to form an incredibly creative team of experts.  To end with, now we are a family who work together, dream together and together make your dreams come true!

We work on a lot of different things and make things happen differently for our clients globally, we are dynamic in our every approach because we know that the new definition of creativity is “new”. We have invested thousands of hours into understanding our clients’ needs and drove to the point of 99.9% perfection. We take time to understand your contemplations and craft the dream with fabrics of digital fiber. Be it Web Design, Graphic or Print, MyWebby always hits the extra mile to make sure you win, every time!


Patrycja Brandys – Founder and CEO / Strategy Lead
Patrycja drives pixels. The Polish girl with English tune; loves rock music and hits the floor hard whenever she finds the opportunity. She’s a jet setter, loves animals and follows her heart but in the contrary, she is a type A personality and a supersonic ideator. She delivers on time, every time; with extraordinary skillset, she is highly creative and always on the dot.
Rafał Klimasiński – Development Lead
Rafal is an impeccable organizer and brainstorms awesome strategies; he loves to sing and he can too, and nevertheless he is a born dancer, makes him a complete artist. Most of the time he sticks to his PC but in his leisure time, he goes dancing and swimming and plays tennis. On the professional side, he plans, organizes and executes extremely well and furthermore he is a great programmer and when needed helps out in design; in a word, he is the “brain” of the development team. He meditates, plans and crafts flawlessly
Ewelina Wróbel – Design Lead
Ewelina commands branding and promotion; loves dancing and culinary arts, a party monster yet extremely diligent at her work. She is very friendly and liberal, quickly gains confidence from people and a social media savvy – sticks to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn all day long. Every so often she finds some crazy ideas to promote brands… and they always work..
Robert Snoch – Lead Photographer

Rob is a true artist, extremely talented and very passionate about his camerawork. Talking about his love for the camera, he sleeps with the bagful of lenses he has. Alongside his regular camera job, he loves shooting selfies. But again, whatever comes from his virtual eyes are truly spellbinding. He’s a perfect photographer with a fresh vision, amazing sense of humor and potential to fall in love with his models! ?